Hungry Bellies Don't Lie!  Hear Why Everyone is Raving About 'Merica Food Truck (formerly Americanwiener)!

"Tampa International Airport's program, launched in November, is the most extensive, with a rotating roster of more than a dozen of the area's best food trucks." 

--  Featured in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL's "Food Trucks Take Flight"

"Americanwiener food truck's masterpiece features nori seaweed, pickled ginger, Japanese kewpie mayonnaise, grilled onions, teriyaki sauce, and furikake seasonings."

-- THE TAMPA TRIBUNE's "5 Must-Try Local Hot Dogs"

"The owners are amazing and the food is to die for.  Check them out whenever you can and book them for your next event requiring catering.  You won't be disappointed.  Food is DELICIOUS!"

-- Courtney M on Roaming Hunger

Kumquat Festival 2015 was a HIT!   Click on pictures to scroll through album above

"They take Alton Brown's rule of 'keep it simple, offer few items' and actually improve upon it. Hot dogs and fries... and a bunch of cool toppings."

-- The Suzanne Calling Blog

Americanwiener Food Truck lands the THIRD spot on Mobile Cuisine's Hot Dog Vendor of The Year for 2014!!!

"Another lunch adventure lands me at Americanwiener Food Truck. They pride on placing a modern twist on wieners and sausages which is right up my alley. They also harvest most of their products from local producers. All condiments and toppings are chef inspired and truck - made to amp up their food play on the hot dog.

Being a big burger snob, its nice to always find a solid dog to mix into the food rotation. They are pretty much culinary cousins. They both consist of a protein, bun, condiments and toppings. From there, creativity is limitless.

My picks:
The "Asian" - Award Winning! Japanese mayo, grilled onion, teriyaki, pickled ginger, nori & furakaki. All these familiar and unfamiliar condiments and toppings work GREAT together. From the picked ginger to a balanced and seasoned wiener that has some elasticity to its texture made a perfect balance between sweet and savory. My only negative remark would be it didn't have a unique bun in the build.

Truffle fries - I know truffle oil either you hate or love it. I cannot emphasize how making your own fries starting from a potato and not a frozen precut bag makes a BIG difference in my eyes when selling a French fry dish. Takes seconds to cut. At Americanwiener Food Truck they do this at its best which is a good indicator of pride in every dish that goes out. These truffle fries are solid from the queso blanco  silkiness and the slight pungency from the green onion garnish on there and of course that earthy flavor from the truffle oil.

My meal of dog and fries came up under $10 which is a great deal for all the quality ingredients you are getting. I love finding gems who make food fun. Americanwiener Food Truck shows great pride in their flavor profile. I look forward to trying more of their signature dog builds. Follow them on FB or Twitter to note their whereabouts."

-- Rob G., from Tampa, FL, a happy Yelp reviewer

I was visiting family down in Florida, and knowing how much I love anything food, they asked if I wanted to go to a food truck festival and of course I said yes. Now being from NY, our food truck festivals consist of many more trucks than this one did, so I was very surprised by the small number present, but luckily I stumbled on this truck, and I was very pleased with the offerings. 

You can get a plain hot dog and fries here and fix it up with ketchup, mustard, onion yourself, but why do that when you can get one of their jazzed up selections?!?! 

Many of the hot dog options have something like chili, sauerkraut, mustard - typical fixings in different combos, but then there are some interesting ones like the Asian dog which has ginger and teriyaki. I thought about getting the Asian dog but really just wanted a really meaty jazzed up take on a more run-of-the-mill dog for my first go. I settled on The Jason - which had bacon, chili, onions and cheese - YUM! If you are a typical portion size eater, 1 dog will do the trick with maybe some fries, cause these dogs are loaded!!! But oh my, this thing was good. It was succulent and meaty, and had the right amount of messiness to really make it worth it. 
And for me, I need fries to go with my dog, and I always love a souped up fry, so their selections were right up my alley. They had garlic fries, cheesy bacon fries, chili cheese fries - but I decided on their truffle fries - which had truffle oil, scallions and queso blanco (now just clarification, because when I read queso blanco I thought like sauce queso, but this is like queso fresco - which made me just as happy)

All in all, this food truck has some great ideas, and executes well.

-- Jessica L., from Troy, NY, a happy Yelp reviewer

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's lunchtime food truck rally featuring Americanwiener.