The 'Merica food truck (formerly known as Americanwiener) is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team, Ben & Amy Laffey.  Ben’s California School of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu training brings a touch of gourmet to every dish he prepares.  Combining that with Amy’s passion for tradition in her home-cooked family meals and dinner parties, the pair have a flair for dishing flavorful food.

The Laffeys decided to share their love of great-tasting cuisine and fresh ingredients by acquiring the "Merica Food Truck (formerly Americanwiener) in 2013.  It wasn't long before Ben and Amy also acquired the die-hard food trucker mentality.  The job can be grueling, but with the extraordinary challenges of being chefs on the road also comes immense rewards.  With Ben and Amy at the helm, 'Merica enjoys continued success serving the Tampa Bay area with delicious and amazing, fresh flavors!

In partnership with several professional groups including Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally and The Gulf to Bay Food Truck Association, the Laffeys have firmly planted themselves in the food truck revolution.  Armed by successful corporate backgrounds and a passion for the food trucker life, Ben and Amy have united with other Bay Area food truckers to advance the industry and combat the historic negative views.

Because of this intense love to make the food truck industry better, one truck at a time, Amy launched Foodie Finances - an expert bookkeeping and support firm for food truckers across the country.  Amy recognized early in their journey with 'Merica (formerly Americanwiener) that the record-keeping and financial tracking for food truckers was incredibly challenging.  So she created a better way, to help food truckers stay out of the office and on their trucks!  Read all about the mastermind behind Foodie Finances here


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